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Grip Strip Podcast Episode 156 – Daytona Dreaming

Phil and Josh return for E156 of the GSP to get into Speed (half) week at Daytona for NASCAR, culminating in the Daytona 500.  However, the guys get into the Super Bowl which saw KTF (aka Patrick Mahomes) and the Kansas City Chiefs win their second Super Bowl in the last four years, coming back against the upstart Philadelphia Eagles.  Phil and Josh discuss the key plays and players in the game along with other significant moments.  Updates on coaching and GM searches are looked at before moving onto NASCAR.

All three major series open up their season, so previews of the Craftsman Truck Series, XFinity and Cup Series are done with final four and championship selections made.  Formula 1 car reveals and IndyCar news is brought up next prior to the GSP Roundup that includes Formula E, WRC and MotoGP. 

The Tate Fogleman Algorithm makes its return to the GSP for Daytona, with Josh getting the machine out of hibernation to possibly make another insane choice.  Phil and Josh make their picks for all three races, wild cards and who gets the front row and goes home for the 500 (Phil whiffed on both open choices).  Josh gets into the iRacing Daytona 500 with an opportunity to join legends in racing as winners of both Indy and Daytona among other races for this week prior to the Show Close.

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Passionate and knowledgeable Motorsports fan along with love of football, baseball and fantasy sports. Podcaster, bowler, reader and currently working full-time while still pursuing my passions.

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