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Grip Strip Podcast Episode 150 – Milestones, NFL Playoffs and Season 4

Phil and Josh are back for 2023 and Season Four of the Grip Strip Podcast!  The show starts on a somber note after the events that saw Buffalo Bills defensive back Damar Hamlin collapse on the field during Monday Night Football.  Thankfully, Hamlin is on his way to recovery after the show was recorded.  The crew goes over the concerns for Hamlin and how the game stoppage will affect the Bills, Bengals and the AFC Playoff Picture. 

Josh gets into the massive Jacksonville Jaguars Week 18 game vs. Tennessee with a division title and playoff spot on the line.  Phil discusses the 49ers close call vs. the Raiders and what’s at stake going into the last week vs. Arizona.  The guys let you know who’s in and out of the playoffs and run down the Week 18 slate. 

Following on the somber tone after football is the passing of Ken Block.  Phil and Josh pay their respects to the man who made Gymkhana a worldwide fascination and brought so much more to the world in general.  Season recaps for XFinity and Trucks are next with key stories from the season past and a preview of the upcoming year plus the viability of the series at this time.

The GSP Roundup covers Dakar, IMSA, NASCAR, Formula E, Formula 1 and Supercross at Anaheim 1 before Josh’s Sim Segment and Show Close.

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Passionate and knowledgeable Motorsports fan along with love of football, baseball and fantasy sports. Podcaster, bowler, reader and currently working full-time while still pursuing my passions.

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