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Grip Strip Podcast Episode 94 – NASCAR Cup Series 2021 Roundtable

Phil and Josh welcome two returning guests to the GSP for the 2021 Cup Series Round-table. writer and former host of Talking in Circles Clayton Caldwell along with writer and social media influencer Phil Spain come back to discuss a number of topics relating to last year’s NASCAR Cup season. 

The guys cover Kyle Larson’s domination and redemption arc that covered the 2021 season along with the dynamics within Hendrick Motorsports between himself and 2020 champion Chase Elliott.  Hendrick and Gibbs dominated the season last year and the driver makeup of each team stands out for different reasons from last year and for the future.

Ford disappearing from existence for most of the season after coming so close to a title in 2020 was a huge shock but there’s plenty of changes coming within the camp going into 2022.  Can the Blue Oval Gang recover and come back with a new car on the line?

The crew discusses Denny Hamlin’s greater significance in the sport: as a driver or as a car owner bringing Michael Jordan and many new sponsors to the forefront?  First time winners both in the driver and team category took place in 2021…what did each mean then and now after a while to reflect?  Will some of those teams/drivers continue to have success in 2022?

Finally, the Gen 6 car is looked at with its end being relegated to the XFinity and Truck Series with the usual Good/Bad/Ugly segment. 

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Passionate and knowledgeable Motorsports fan along with love of football, baseball and fantasy sports. Podcaster, bowler, reader and currently working full-time while still pursuing my passions.

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