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Grip Strip Podcast Episode 46 – NASCAR Preview Edition

Phil and Josh get Speedweek started right with returning guest Phillip Spain of the White Silk Racing Show/Podcast to discuss all things NASCAR on E46 of the GSP. 

Thoughts on the upcoming seasons in all three major series along with picks on the Clash (spoiler alert, we didn’t pick KyBu) and qualifying for the Daytona 500. The guys go over who will be the breakout star in the 2021 Cup Series along with ROTY which saw Phillip change his pick! 

The three also go over the Superbowl, which saw Tommy Brady take the Bucs past Kermit The Frog and the Chiefs.  Operator error aside on Phil’s part due to being on a high from bowling so well, it was the typical bench racing you’d expect on the GSP!

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Passionate and knowledgeable Motorsports fan along with love of football, baseball and fantasy sports. Podcaster, bowler, reader and currently working full-time while still pursuing my passions.

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