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Grip Strip Podcast Episode 38 – What Really Grinds Our Gears

Phil and Josh return for Episode 38 of the GSP to discuss the abysmal Abu Dhabi Grand Prix which saw Max Verstappen dominate the weekend along with the quiet return of seven-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton from COVID.  They discuss the race and key story lines that lead into a transitional off-season in F1 before new regulations start in 2022. 

Phil and Josh then go into what truly irritates them regarding major motorsports.  Whether its rules packages, TV, certain drivers/teams or something else, both leave it on the table for you to hear.  Fantasy Football and real football come up to end the show since Josh is in contention for the FallBrawl title as I would’ve beaten every team in the league this week but was playing for fifth. 

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Passionate and knowledgeable Motorsports fan along with love of football, baseball and fantasy sports. Podcaster, bowler, reader and currently working full-time while still pursuing my passions.

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